Peter P-Square Celebrates His Daughter’s Win – Cheerleading Pageantry in School

Renowned Nigerian singer and dancer, Peter Okoye of the defunct PSquare group, has stirred emotions on social media with a clip of his daughter participating in a beauty contest organised by her school.

In the caption of the clip he shared on his page, Mr P stated how proud he was to see his daughter Aliona win the Miss Cheerleading beauty contest at her school.

Mr P celebrates Father’s Day Peter Okoye noted that seeing his daughter and son win such contests fills his belly with immense joy. Mr P shared that posting the clip was his way of celebrating Father’s Day.

In the viral clip, Aliona showed off her dancing and cheerleading skills and made acrobatic moves. See what Mr P used to caption the viral clip:

“Still celebrating Father’s Day as a proud dad. We are super proud of you ALIONA.”

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