Connect Hamster Kombat to Ton: Important Info For Telegram Coin Miners Ahead of Launch

A man has shared simple steps to take when connecting Hamster Kombat to the Ton Wallet.

The man said the information was for new Telegram coin miners who wished to connect their Hamster Kombat to Ton.

It is expected that Hamster Kombat will launch on Ton, and miners are hoping to cash out when this happens. The man, @szymanks_i, said connecting the Hamster Kombat to the Ton Wallet was necessary, following simple steps.

In a TikTok video, he said the first step was to download the Ton wallet on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. He noted that the next step was registering on the Ton wallet and creating a new wallet with the name Hamster Kombat. After that, the user is to head to the Hamster Kombat app, click on airdrop, and select the wallet one wants to connect to, in this case, Ton. What to expect when Hamster Kombat launches.

Meanwhile, Ajuwon Anuoluwapo James, a crypto expert who spoke to about the topic said money might be made from airdrops but advised miners to manage their expectations. “I think it is profitable. No one can dispute that. It is free money and they are not spending much aside their data and their tapping time. So, irrespective of the amount they get from there, it is still a win-win for them. And again, miners should not be expecting much, because most of these airdrops is not a big money thing like that.”

He said crypto, in general, could make one rich but warned against overestimating airdrops. He stated: “And for it making them rich, I think we are just overestimating this thing.” Watch the video below:


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Reactions from Telegram coin miners

@crown prince said: “I have connected it, but it is not showing on my Tonkeeper. How will I disconnect it and connect it again.”

@Vickkycloutdips said: “Please, I deleted my Ton keeper account that I connected to my Hamster Kombat because it wasn’t showing connected to hamster in Tonkeeper. Am I in trouble pls?”

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