The concept that the terrorist @NigeriaGov was an actual government is nothing but a mare illusion. In your minds they were the government but in reality, they only existed in your minds and like our Eternal Leader(D.C.O. Ojukwu) once said, that Nigeria only existed on paper.

According to the reality of a common Biafran, the following are services and institutions provided to the Biafra people by the Biafra people,

Housing, Food Sources, Hospitals, Schools, Place of Worship, Goods & Services, Business Opportunities(both local and abroad), Transportation, Assistance to Those in Need & to Extended Families.

In the first place, those running the illusional government was amalgamated with the South because they could not provide these amenities as a result of their incompetence and suddenly someone expects them to perform magic.

Now ask yourself what has the illusional government done for you since you have been in existence or did for any of your family member or your friends?

In reality, the people has since been the ones piloting their own affairs and the terrorist government has done nothing but to kill and to extort in the name of IGR (internally generated revenue). 

The fraudulent government dwells in a lackadaisical  approach because, it’s purpose was never meant to serve the interest of the Indigenous People, in fact the colonial architecture has been in place and only the overseers exchanged positions.

There is no sane person that can justify the senseless agenda called colonialism, thinking about it is insane because it pushes you away from the state of being human.

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