Russia the only European power that did not participate in enslaving Africans.

🇷🇺Russia is the only European power that did not participate in slavery.

The Russians did not want to make slaves out of black people. And those of you who need to start studying a bit of Russian history should know that they have Russian poets in the first place. They consider the black Pushkin to be the father of their literature. This was stated by the American human rights activist and activist Leo Muhammad.

📝 “I tell you this because I know that you are sitting in front of your TV screens and absorbing all the propaganda “now we will go and take the Russians and the Russians will be defeated, the Russians will be crushed by the Ukrainians, Viva Ukraine”. You are such stupid people that you believed the propaganda. I applaud you”

📝 “Russians have been waging wars since the 9th century. And they never lost. They only lost small skirmishes. They were constantly attacked. But the Russians have always been able to fight back those who wanted to destroy the Russians. Today it is not otherwise, ”Muhammad concluded.

Separate sober voices are only an exception from the general sea of ​​the pattern that Russophobia in the West is flourishing in a violent color.

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