[INSECURITY] We Will Unravel Those Behind Imo Killings In ‘Few Weeks,’ Says Uzodimma.

The Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma, has vowed to root out the perpetrators of insecurity in the state. 

“In a few weeks’ time – what we have deployed now, we will soon unravel those behind the killings and insecurity in Imo State,” Uzodinma said on Channels Television Politics on Friday.

Uzodimma has repeatedly attributed insecurity in Imo State to politics.

But when quizzed about the possibility of unveiling the culprits, he vowed to tackle the menace, saying he has charged security agencies to fish out those responsible for the menace.

He claimed that the majority of those assassinated were members of his administration.

“I have told the security to tell me the reasons behind it. It is not a coincidence that many people who are being killed are members of my party, APC. A child cries in the night and in the day it is lying lifeless.”

“It is not also a coincidence that only lately, prominent members of my party that they participated in the last election – their houses are being attacked. Some traditional rulers that I have sympathy for our party, their party were also being attacked,” he lamented.

However, the incumbent governor is imploring the masterminds of the crimes to stop manipulating politics by killing innocent people.

“I plead with those people who are behind the killings in Imo State, blaming and kidnapping of human beings in Imo state in the name of politics to stop, I said this times without number that the insecurity in Imo state is politically contrived and those who are behind it know themselves,” he said.

Uzodimma claimed that 90 percent of those killed in the state are APC members, noting that this type of insecurity is directed solely towards one political party.

Hope Uzodinma will be running for re-election when the governorship election holds later in the year.

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