[Gossips] Antony’s ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin claims Man Utd star viciously attacked her when she was pregnant

Antony is being investigated by the Sao Paulo court for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.

UOL has had access to photos, videos, conversations and testimonies from witnesses which reveal threats, intimidation and physical attacks from Antony.One of the videos of the investigation shows an injury that exposed the bones of Gabriela’s fingers.

Cavallin told UOL she was first attacked by Antony on June 1 2022, while she was pregnant and on holiday in Brazil. She claimed Antony put her in a car, attacked her and threatened to throw her from the moving vehicle at speed.”

He said that if I didn’t stay with him, I wouldn’t stay with anyone. I told him that I was pregnant, that he was scaring me, making my heart race. I was shaking with fear,” Cavallin told UOL, adding that she went to hospital the next day. She lost the baby after roughly 16 weeks of pregnancy, according to the report.

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