[GABON COUP] Rule of law must not perish in Africa – Tinubu cry out over spread coup in Africa.

President Bola Tinubu on Wednesday reacted to the latest coup in Gabon, where President Ali Bongo has been ousted and placed under house arrest.

Some military personnel had hinged their plot to seize power from Bongo on what they termed as observed flaws in the recent general election in the central African country.

The officers had also admitted that the organisation of the general elections of 26 August 2023 did not meet the conditions for a transparent, credible and inclusive ballot so much hoped for by the people of Gabon.

They had also cited irresponsible and unpredictable governance, resulting in a continuing deterioration in social cohesion, with the risk of leading the country into chaos.

But reacting on behalf of President Tinubu on Wednesday, the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Ajuri Ngelale said the presidency is watching closely with deep concern for the country’s social-political stability and at the seeming autocratic contention apparently spreading across different regions of our beloved continent.

Tinubu stated that the rule of law and a faithful recourse to the constitutional resolution of electoral disputes must not be allowed to perish in Africa.

Ngelale said the President as a man who has made significant, personal sacrifices in his own life in the course of advancing and defending democracy is of the unwavering belief that power belongs in the hands of Africa’s great people and not in the barrel of a loaded gun.

He said the President affirmed that the rule of law and a faithful recourse to the constitutional resolutions and instruments of electoral dispute resolution must not at any time, be allowed to perish from the great African continent.

“To this end, the President is working very closely and continues to communicate with other Heads of States in the African Union towards a comprehensive consensus on the next steps forwards with respect to how the power in Gabon will play out and how the continent will respond to contagious autocracy we have seen spread across our continent,” the Presidential spokesman stated.

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