[Coup] A Russian plane has landed in Niger capital, Niamey

A Russian plane has landed in Niger capital, Niamey, carrying hundreds of Wagner fighters it allegedly picked up from Syria. Wagner has recruited thousands of veterans of the Syrian civil war, mostly men who fought on behalf of the Syrian government and defeated ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the FSA. These men have incredible combat experience against terrorists. Syria is one of the first places where Wagner proved its combat superiority to the whole world. Without their efforts, the Syrian president would’ve gotten the Gaddafi treatment from the west a long time ago. But he prevailed. Thanks to RUSSIA and its elite fighting force, Wagner PMC. Upon arriving Niger, Wagner had reportedly told the new Nigerien administration never to worry about any foreign army on Niger soil and specifically assured the leadership that Wagner will take on the Americans head on, if they ever dare to get involved in the conflict with ECOWAS, or try to deploy their drones. Not sure if this threat is in anyway connected with America’s sudden readiness to evacuate two of its drone bases in Niger. The US maintains in Niger a large base of reconnaissance drones operating across AFRICA, Europe and the Middle East, as well as about 500 troops. France maintains a little over 1,200 soldiers in Niger. At the moment, there are about 5,000 RUSSIAN funded volunteer fighters in AFRICA: They are mainly active in Mali, Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo. As reported earlier, Wagner will undertake the protection of the presidential palace in Niamey and the main infrastructures of the country potentially threatened by the impending Nigerian-led military action. With a personnel capacity of about 230,000 men, Nigeria is expected to contribute far more soldiers to the operation than any other country in the bloc. However the two countries with the strongest armies in AFRICA, Egypt and Algeria have warned against any military intervention in Niger, and vowed they’ll not stand idly and let that happen. Reportedly, the morale of Niger’s military personnel is at an all time high right now, given that nearly the entire population of Niger are in support of the military and thousands have reportedly signed up to fight with the Russian volunteer force, Wagner PMC, in defense of their homeland.

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