We write this for all to read. Anyone, soldier, DSS, Police, Politician, Agbero, Asari Dokubo, Kabaka, Mc Oluomo that harms or kills any NIGERIAN IN THE COURSE OF FIGHTING FOR A BETTER NIGERIA takes a loan repayable soon.

If you have sworn to carry out satanic instructions by ur demonic criminal masters, be also ready to face ur Karma.
We have successfully purified the streets of Abuja for a successful outing later today.

He later twitted that “Gods protection to all my children on the street today.Proud of you all.Pikin wey do pass em papa, na very good child. You all will be guided today by the almighty.

This is the beginning of our journey to freedom and to retrieve our stolen future.I have always said that, “The salvation of this Country lies in the hands of its Exceptional Youths It shall be well for all who believe”.

“I thank all lovers of a New Nigeria and the Great Obidient’s.”

“Na una dey give me the ginger. God bless you all🙏”

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